Summer Chicken Recipes

The summer... this season makes our lives easier.

At least on the north hemisphere ;)

We can think of a bag full of summer chicken recipes to take to the park for a picnic or to take to the beach. Great for socializing.

This season  definitely changes our lives and the way we cook and eat. Less clothes, less mess, better weather, life outside our four walls and more fun.

What do you say about throwing a bbq party with friends? Chicken can be missed here. Kids love chicken burguers, chicken fingers and so on. And also hot wings!! Put these dishes all together and you'll find out how handy it becomes.

From Chicken salad recipes to a bucket of fried chicken (kfc style).

Imagine a summer dinner sitting at a nice set table with candles tasting a delicious  summer chicken and vegetables cold soup with croutons.

Not few of these summer chicken recipes are made out of leftovers from a roast chicken baked a few days before. This is such a good way of not wasting anything. Cooking chicken leftovers is so little time consuming! and you come up with a rich meal.

They are great to have them ready before hand, like a chicken salad sandwich or a chicken parmesan recipe.

Lets change the saying a bit


Summer chicken recipes list

Chicken parmesan recipe

A tasty and great oven baked chicken recipe to be enjoyed at home or outside.

Oven baked chicken recipes are great for a picnic. Specially the ones with the chicken divided in joints or if you use the thighs, legs or wings separately, like the chicken parmesan recipe.


Chicken salads

When the weather is hot all we can think of is salads. All good for your health: green and raw vegetables in combination with the proteins  in the chicken meat. Check these

Chicken Salads Premium Collection

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