Spanish Chicken Recipes

Here you will find a sample of the main spanish chicken recipes. The spanish cuisine is well known for its variety. As a matter of fact, Spain is a small country full of contrasts. You could travel from the snow to the desert in just one day.

This variety of landscapes and climate has made its people to learn to cook within the same variety. For example, whereas in the north, stews and soups are very common, in the south fried chicken and salads are more popular.

Don't let yourself be fooled though, because spanish gastronomy is quite linked to chicken.

As I said, we will go only over the main spanish chicken specials that will include the famous spanish paella, of course, but also some others like chicken "al ajillo". Ajo means garlic, and it is a main ingredient for many of the spanish traditional recipes along with parsley.

As it occurs about the italian recipes, all the spanish recipes include olive oil, essential when speaking of mediterranean cuisine. 

Spanish chicken recipes and specials

Chicken paella

Traditionalists may complain...or may not: Just ask what happened to Jamie Oliver when he called his rice dish Paella. But I assure you that all across Spain, ask for paella and you'll get this delicious rice dish with chicken and saffron with all its variants. As a matter of fact, ask for Paella mixta in any spanish restaurant and that will be the way to obtain extra ingredients like seafood and fish. Glorious Paella, here I come.

Chicken "Al ajillo"

As everything else with spanish cuisine, frying chicken is not an art, it is a heart. Spaniards do put their hearts into their dishes . Chicken "al ajillo" needs to be crunchy on the outside and moisture and delicious inside, without using any kind of flour. And yet, it is so easy, quick and tasty...

Chicken soup

We definitely show the chicken soup linked to the spanish food, not because it is originated in Spain, but because most Spaniards love a good chicken soup during the winter. In fact, one of the most typical dishes is what they call Cocido Madrileño (from Madrid), out of which you get the finest broth for a great soup.