Soy Chicken And Rice

Soy Chicken and Rice Easy Recipe

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Soy chicken and rice for 4 people:

4 Chicken Breasts

1cup of Round rice

1/2 Leek

Soya sauce

1/4 Red bell pepper

Sesame seeds

1 handful of almonds or cardamon

Soya Chicken And Rice


First, put the rice to boil. You can use the microwave pre-boiled rice if you dont have time to boil the rice.

While the rice is boiling, take the chicken breasts and cut them in julienne ( in stripes).

Grab a bowl and introduce the chicken with soya sauce and the sesame seeds. Let it marinade for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, cut the leek and the bell pepper.

It is better if you have a wok pan but a regular one can do very well.

Once the chicken is marinade and all the ingredients ready, heat the pan with a bit of oil (a couple of tablespoons) and drop the chicken in. Add the leek, the pepper and the almonds or cardamon and finally the chicken.

Stir fry until the chicken is done (3-4 minutes max).

Serve with the rice.

Tip: whisk an egg and make an omelette. Brake it into pieces and mix it with the rice. Delicious!

4 people
15 min.

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