Rotisserie chicken recipe
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Rotisserie Chicken Recipe

rotisserie chicken recipe


Pre-heat the oven 375ºF

Season the chicken:

Drop salt, pepper and parsley over the chicken and a spoon of olive oil. Rub the bird with it giving it a nice massage.

Tip: If you want to get a more crispy skin, separate it from the chest by carefully introducing your fingers or a wooden spoon between the skin and the chest. Keep on separating it slowly until you're done.

Put the half onion and the half lemon in the chicken cavity.

Now you can truss the chicken. (If you don't know how learn how to truss)

Put the spit across the chicken and leave it over the cutting board.

Get the rosemary, the sage and the bay and make a bouquet with them. Tie a knot aroud it using some twain. Place it in the bottom of the oven tray.

Spill the glass of wine and the chicken broth in the tray.

Finally, mount the spit in the jack and put the tray in the oven.

One hour and a half later, check if its ready sticking a skewer in one chicken leg and see if the juices come out clear (not sign of pink) .

If you're using a cooking thermometer, stick it in the thickest part of the leg away from the bones or fat and it should be registering about 180ºF, 170ºF in the breasts.


It is a good idea to serve it with a lettuce and tomato salad and a bowl of french fries as a side or a traditional potato salad.


1 whole chicken

1 clove of garlic

2 spoons of olive oil

1 glass of white wine

½ Onion

½ lemon

1 rosemary stem

4 sage leaves

1 bay leave

Fresh parsley 1 stem or 1 teaspoon of dried parsley




  • kitchen twine
  • deep oven pan

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People say...

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The rotisserie or How to make roasting with style

This rotisserie chicken recipe shows how to bake a whole chicken by passing a long metal rod through the bird called spit. The chicken roasts while spining around in the oven or over a fire ( a camp fire , why not if allowed?). There are also bbq devices to roast the chicken in the back yard. One can find stores devoted to roasting chicken this way. The big ovens with docens of chickens rotating and getting the golden gilt. I love the smell. This is what I rekon when I'm hungry....

This style was much common in the middle-ages. There use to be a servant (the spit boy) who would be sat by the fire making the spit rotate until the meat was cooked. Nowadays, the spit is actioned by electrical-mechanical devices in our ovens: the roasting jacks.

Since the chicken is going to be turning around, it is important to have it properly trussed. Trussing a chicken is not a difficult task. Give it a look here in the tips and techniques section on how to truss a chicken.

We'll need a roasting pan placed underneath the chicken to collect all the drippings. As the bird rotate the bird goes somehow self-basting. It is a good idea to baste it with these juices once in a while or a couple of times, not too often though.

In conventional house ovens the spit is mounted in a rack. It may have a speed selector or not. If it does, it is better to begin with the highest speed and turn it down when the skin begins to crunch. This will seal the chicken meat and all the flavours will stay in along with a large amount of drippings.Your rotisserie chicken recipe's success is guaranteed.

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