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The roasting technique and the top 3
Roasted Chicken Recipes


Roasting is the most common way of cooking whole chicken.

This technique is about cooking the chicken in its own juices using an oven or similar.

There are several ways of baking it. Convection oven or not...

There is always a "how-to-do-it-right"

For this method is better to use the oven roasting rack placed over a pan but you can also use an oven casserole or tray ( use metal so the juiced don't burn or over-evaporate). Going for this kind of oven baked recipes means that the chicken won't rotate. Consider that you'll have to moist it once in a while using its own drippings and juices. You can skip this step if you use one of these convenient plastic bags for baking that you can find in any supermarket. They have them in several sizes. These will keep the moist in! Or in an emergency... you can make your own oven in the oven using aluminum foil

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This other method, the rotisserie,  consists in using a rotisserie oven. I'm sure you've seen one those before. Some people wonder what is that metal stick that comes whith their ovens for.  In professional rotisseries they can bake dozens of chickens at a time. They just simply pass the big skewer through the bird and as it rotates, the heat hits it evenly all around.

Top 3 Baked Whole Chicken Recipes

Roast chicken the simple way

The easiest oven baked whole chicken recipe

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Rotisserie chicken

For ovens that allow this technique.
Baking chicken like a professional

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Oven baked chicken with garlic and wine

Nicely simple.The most natural mediterranean ingredients for this healthy and tasty recipe.


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