Roast Chicken 

The simple traditional way

Roast Chicken Recipe

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roast chicken:

1 middle-size chicken

(50 Oz. more or less)

Garlic: 1 clove

Onion: 1 half (peeled)

1 bay leaf


Black pepper


olive oil : 1 table spoon

onion garlic bay salt herbs
raw whole chicken


1 wooden spoon

Oven casserole or roasting pan

Metal needle (like the ones we use for bbq brochettes)

long metal needle
Roast chicken simple way



Preheat your oven 350ºF (175ºC) before you start preparing the roast chicken recipe.

cut chicken offalls
  • Remove the gibblets, if not already, and cut off the offall greasy lower part with a knife. It is a good idea to buy the chicken ready for the oven, then you can skip this part.
  • Now we're ready to separate the skin from the breasts to make it easily crispy. Use your fingers or a wooden spoon.

separate chicken skin

Be careful not to to make a hole or two in the skin (sometimes happens). If it does, don't worry and keep working. It takes some skill and practice. Not big time you'll do better.

drop olive oil on chicken

 If needed,  clean the chicken  with a paper towel. You should never rinse a chicken! it is an extended bad practice because it's bad for your health. The bacteria end up spreaded all over the bird.

Season it with salt and pepper, parsley and liquid gold: this is some wonderful spanish olive oil.

  • Put the half onion into the chicken cavity.
  • Drop a spoon of olive oil and rub it all over with a soft massage.

 It does look great already!!!

rub the seasoning

Optional tip: Use cooking thread or elastic band to tie the legs and wings close to the body. I'll make it a better looking roast chicken. And, It will become a professional oven baked chicken recipe.

Do you want to learn how to truss a chicken

  • Place the bay leave and the garlic in the bottom of the casserole or tray. It'll aromatize and scent the stock and juices.

Cooking 1h 1/2

The job's almost done! Our oven's been getting the temperature in the meanwhile, so we are ready to put the chicken in.

chicken in the oven

The chicken will stay in the oven for an average of an hour and al half,  depending on how much it weights.

  • One good way to see if it's cooked, is to use the brochettes needle. The juices must run clear, uncolored.
  • If you have a portable cooking thermometer, the thickest part of the legs should be registering 180ºF (82ºC)

test if chicken is ready


Here are a couple of ideas to acompany a lonely chicken:

chicken with pre-boiled potatoes
chicken potatoes and red pepper

This is it! 

  You'll love this oven baked chicken recipe
  • In this case we are using some canned boiled potatoes. It is a good idea to put them in the casserole half an hour before it is ready.
  • It is ok to use raw peeled potatoes. Just add them to the dish in the middle of the total cooking time.


You can just add some chunks of red pepper and non-peeled potatoes.

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