We are releasing a new cook-book for free. Participate: this time, you'll be the principal character. Your opinion and your recipes will be diplayed in the book.

It is always best when it's all of us. 

Participating is easy:

  • Just, leave us a vote for the recipe from, you'd love to see in the book 

or if you like to get in the kitchen,

  • Share one of your  own recipes with us. 

We will come out with a fine community work.

Thanks for joining the fun.

Terms and conditions.

By submitting, you allow us to share the contents you have provided for free as a part of this book,and give in all your rights over them in our favor, and claim for no compensation, except the book in the format it is first released.

No liabilities or responsibilities applied for CHRT over copyright matters on the contents the participants send or if any change is done for needed. The pourpose is to make a book free to share with the participation and good will of the members. Thanks for your cooperation.