Oven baked chicken with garlic and wine

Oven Baked Chicken With Garlic and Wine Recipe

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1 whole chicken

10 cloves of garlic, peeled and one hit smashed.

1 glass of wine (red or white of your preference)

1 Tablespoon of olive oil



parsley (dried or fresh)


Roasting pan

Metal needle to check when it's done or an oven thermometer

Recipe for Oven Baked Chicken with garlic and white wine



Pre-heat the oven 375ºF

At your choice, separate the skin from the breasts and truss the bird. (Learn how by following the links)

Season the chicken:

Drop salt, pepper and parsley over the bird and rub it giving a nice massage. 

Insert 5 cloves into the chicken cavity and leave the other five for the sauce.

Mix the wine with the oil and drop the mix over the chicken.

Place the rest of the cloves around the birs and into the liquid. It will get mixed with thr chicken drippings.

Cook for 40 minutes for each kg. Average birds take around 1h and a half to be set.

Use a needle to test the chicken leg and see if the drippings coming out are clear or still redish. Check the roasting techniques if you need it. Also see how to make it crispy.


It is a good idea to serve your oven baked chicken with mashed potatoes, cruditeès and a handful of raisins. 

However, plain chips and cherry tomatoes will do just great.

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Make an oven baked chicken but  add garlic and white wine this time.

This recipe combines the two healthiest ingredients you can find:

Garlic is a natural powerful antibiotic and antifungal. it helps prevent heart diseases and lowers cholesterol among other wonderful properties. It is commonly used as a seasoning in the mediterranean culture. It is interesting to notice that for those recipes, garlic comes toguether with parsley. The reason for that is that parsley reduces the possible bad breath. So, no excuses for having garlic.

Wine. Powerful antioxidant anti-aging product. Spanish red wines are well known for the polyphenolic compounds that make a good prevention medicine always taken with moderation.

So what can keep you from having a dish of health?

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