Lunch at work healthy food

Recipes for lunch at work Healthy

The new millennium has brought us new habits. One of the good ones is the lunch at work healthy food trend; but also, new needs for the new generations.

What has been given the name of indie woman, indie man, is how sociologists have described a raising lifestyle trend: "happily focused on our lives and careers with no time to waste".

Are you in this group and tend to buy junk food to make the day?  Well, don't. Go Healthy Snacking.

Go back to the lunch box but don't spend much time cooking nor, and more important, cleaning afterwards. 

The time we devote to our personal growth is important, but so it is the fact that we must not lose grip on health and nutrition. If we do, we can ruin our entire system. 

Our body needs healthy food to resist and to keep up with the demanding rhythm. Your brain cells need some good oil to work, and your body muscles, bones and blood vessels need the right amount of proteins, vitamins, fiber and minerals.

These recipes are planned to have all the nutritional elements your body and brain need, in the right proportions and with very little preparation time and effort.

Some recipes are 10-minute-made and others take more time but not more effort because the pot or the oven does the job for us.

Bring to work any hot recipe if you have a microwave near, but if you don’t or just eat while commuting, choose any of these delicious recipes on the run. 

No more excuses, bring home to work

Delicious chicken recipes to take with you

See how to cook and easy made chicken soup

Easy made Chicken Soup

This recipe is a golden nugget. Chicken soup is a liquid energy shot. You can have it ready in 10 minutes! See how many variations you can make. Amazingly easy and rich.

Delicious easy chicken noodles

Chicken Noodles

Nice and quick chicken-noodle meal. Fast cooking Udon noodles with triyaki sauce, soya sprouts, carrots and celery leaves. This will help you lunch at work healthy.

Chicken Club Wrap

Chicken Club Wrap

A complete meal wrapped up in a tortilla bread. Ham, chicken, fresh creamy cheese, rucula, dry onion, fresh tomatoe and low-cal yogurt sauce.

Chicken Caprese

Chicken Caprese Salad

Grilled chicken breasts, mozzarella cheese basilicum and a drop of olive oil. Mediterranealize yourself.

Soy Chicken And Rice recipe

Soya Chicken and Rice

Marinated chicken in soya sauce, stir fried in a wok with red bell pepper, leek and cardamom, or almonds. Add some pre-boiled microwave-ready plain rice.

Chicken Ham Sandwich

Chicken Ham Sandwich

Wholemeal bread, fresh lettuce, ham and tomato.Add any creamy cheese or sour cream to for a twist.

Chicken Pita Sandwich

Chicken Pita

Stuff the pita bread with grilled chopped chicken thighs, pickles, cilantro, tomatoe and mayonnaise sauce. Lunck at work can't be easier.

Wild rice chicken salad

Wild Rice Chicken Salad

Delicious Chicken salad recipe with fiber, vitamins and carbohydrates to help you win the day. Rucula, multi-lettuce, wild rice and grilled chicken. Add a bit of cheddar cheese and re-fill the calcium reserves. Seasoned with natural Modena vinegar and olive oil.

Lunch at work healthy: by Chicken Recipes Temple

No more excuses to avoid the lunch to work healthy trend.