Tutto Italian Chicken Recipes

Italy is one of the pearls of the Mediterranean necklace. The Italian chicken recipes have been spread all over the world and adapted and customized depending on the adopting country.

The USA should be culinary called "Italy's sister". From the years of the Italian immigration, mainly in New York, the Italian cuisine has been re-invented to a point that I can't make up my mind when deciding which kind of pizza I enjoy the most, the original or the american.

I have to say that the Italian cuisine has been a magnificent ambassador of the Mediterranean diet. Nevertheless, don't miss the Greek and the Spanish cuisine, other Mediterranean major pearls.

One of the good things they all have in common is that olive oil is present in almost every recipe. Moreover, I love to put it over the bread as a pre-lunch snack.

Italian recipes suit almost all occasions. You can make a mayor event out of an evening cooking session with friends around the stove while sharing experiences and with the company of a nice glass of wine. Can you picture it?

A long list of recipes to begin with. The chicken cacciatore recipe is one of the most popular ones but we don’t want to miss the dishes that were invented by Italians in the United States like the Chicken Caesar salad recipe. The chicken Marsala recipe takes the name after the Marsala wine and cheese from the region of Marsala in Italy.

Pollo in bianco, pollastri alla Marengo, Fried chicken, Chicken and pasta, Chicken Pizza with tomato sauce, Chicken foccacia, and so on. The list is endless.

As I said, even each one of us has our own family recipe or country recipe. Italian cuisine is great for experimenting with it.

Pasta, veggies, joy of cooking and...

...even more, if we think of how popular chicken meat is we've come up with the perfect combination of taste and joy.

Italian journey...

Chicken Caesar Salad

The origin of this “Chicken Caesar Salad recipe” is attributed to Cesar Cardini. According to history, the Italian chef Cesar Cardini ran several restaurants in both Mexico and the USA back in the early years of the 20th century. It is said that Cardini invented this recipe by chance, a Fourth of July had his kitchen run out of supplies and he hat to make up a dish with whatever he had left in the kitchen. He came up with this recipe and named it “by the chef”. ..

Parmesan Chicken

This specific parmesan chicken preparation is great for a picnic.

If so, just leave the joints to cool and wrap them individually with the saran wrap to take them with you.

If you are going to enjoy the meal at home you can serve it hot with a healthy green or potato salad. Try some hot dips like tabasco sauce, or the not so hot sour cream.

Chicken Risotto

For those of you who are looking for a tender Valentine's Day gift, or just want to cook a meal that says  I love you, here is one that comes from the heart: a romantic risotto dinner.

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