The homemade chicken soup
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Homemade chicken soup recipe

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½ chicken ( or two back quarters)

1 leak

3 carrots

2 potatoes


1 or 2 boiled eggs



Optional (a handful of boiled chickpeas)

Optional (some chopped bacon or Iberic ham)


1 Deep saucepan or a pot with a lid

A strainer or colander

homemade shicken soup 鸡汤



  • Peel the potatoes and the carrots, rinse them and reserve. 
  • Cut the eggs and the ham or bacon into small squares and leave them aside.


  • Place the chicken at the bottom of the pot.
  •  Add the water to fill three quarters of the pot. We well need to be watching for this water not to evaporate completely. So, we may be having to add some more during the boiling time.
  • Add some salt and let it boil for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Add the vegetables, also the salt, and leave the lid ajar.
  • Lower the heat down to almost minimum. The slower the better. No need to rush.
  • Half-cover the pot with a lid
  • Wait an hour and a half.
  • Give it a look once in a while to make sure it does not run out of water.
  • Then, when ready, use the colander to clear the broth. Pass it to another pot, an individual bowl or a tureen.
  • Take the chicken out of the broth and crumble it to be added to the broth.


Now we can:

  • Add some pasta for soup or noodles (面条), maybe a little bit of plain rice  and let it boil until it is done, then add the eggs and the ham.
  • Or just add the eggs and the ham 


      Comfort yourself!

90 min.90 min.
4 people4 people
diff. Easy

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Learn more about this homemade chicken soup

This one, the humble homemade chicken soup recipe (鸡汤) will lift us up for sure with the less effort possible.  It only takes a pot and tenderness, some time and relaxation. Sometimes we are just not in the mood for a more complicated dish.

It is funny how the most simple things are the most comfy ones. I remember having soup almost everyday during the winter or the cold, when I was a little kid. I believe most of you too, this is why I enjoy so much posting this recipe.

Again, we can add as many ingredients as we like and customize our dish according to our likes and needs. But this is the old fashion chicken soup recipe my grandmother left me.


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