The Top 3 Healthy Recipes with Chicken 15 min.-ready

This collection of healthy recipes is a wrap up of the best healthy recipes made with chicken.  Whether you are on a diet or you are just concern about nutrition: put a chicken on your table!

Chicken meat is low-fat and healthy. The grease stays mainly in the skin, which is very easy to remove.

Health and diet are big words normally taked for granted. We are what we eat. You've read this before, I'm sure. When we sit in front of a rich dish full of colours, textures and scents, our brain sends the information to our stomach and a whole complex process begins.

Our stomach can't think, but our brain can actually help.  In this section you'll find all the healthy chicken recipes that will help you teach your body to eat well, to stay well, to feel well.

Diet and moderate exercise are the keys to the well being Olympo. But we often get the feeling of boredom because all the dishes seem to be the same, look the same and taste the same.

Chicken is perfect with any vegetable: carrots, broccoli, tomato... or with any carbohydrate: rice, potaoes...It is the cream on top, the ingredient that completes any dish. This is what makes chicken meat so convenient. And it is the perfect ingredient for Healthy Snacking.

The variety of recipes will help you to keep it up without getting bored. And more important, without spending a lot of time thinking what to cook and counting calories.

These recipes are conceived to be enjoyed without counting nor measuring, but confident of actually eating well.

Let's get to it....

Healthy cooking

Chicken caesar salad

This is the kind of dish that admits many variations. Depending of the kind of lettuce we use, the recipe can be transformed into some other totally different salad.Always with chicken portions to make it delicious and complete. Let's say romaine lettuce or iceberg or arugula...all great. The Caesar dressing is a classic and one of the favorites. But there are more salad recipes that you will love. Would you like to see more chicken salad recipes?

Chicken Caesar salad

Ground chicken with zuchinni

Ground Chicken Zuchinni

Zuchinni is a healthy ingredient, normally cut and stir fried. This dish is more commonly seen with eggplants. However, zuchinni is softer and milder and very digestive. Ground chicken goes really well with it. Give it a try.

Natural brochettes

This recipe can be performed outside while barbequeing on a grill or on the stove at home. It is fun to prepare and can be doen beforehand and lasts months in the freezer. There are some electric grilling pans you can use indoors that make this dish very versatile and healthy. It is also an excellent easy dinner idea.

Chicken brochettes foer the grill or the stove

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