Ground chicken recipes

The base for the ground chicken recipes is chicken without a doubt, but not only that.

However, we must give a closer look to it and consider that, depending on the part of the chicken we are using, our dish will come out dryer or more moistured.

If we use the chicken thighs for grounding, the whole dish will end up really moistured and soft.

This will also happen when we pui legs into the grounding machine.

But what happens when we use chicken breasts?

Here is where the extra-ingredients may become very useful.

The chicken breasts are the driest parts of the bird. Also, the ones that have less fat in them. They suit very well for dieting, as you all know. But for the ones not on a diet, it is a good idea to mix the breasts meat with one third of bacon or with a tenth of fat.  This will soften the meat for sure.

Also, we can mix the meat with vegetables like onion and carrots all toguether in the mixer. In this case, remember to chop the carrots really thin because, otherwise, they will en up too crunchy and raw for the dish you are trying to cook. This works, of course, unless you want them really crunchy.

Another way to cook it can be with curry spices. For these kind of recipes you may want to have plain rice as a side dish. Specially if the curry is hot.

 Give it a mediterranean taste using parseley and garlic and mix it all with an egg or two before cooking. Then you can make meatballs or rolls or stuffing for whatever you need.

If we add a pinch of paprika we must remember to keep the heat low beacuse the paprike burns really quickly and gives a bitter after-taste to the ground chicken recipe.

But better practised than said!

Check these recipes out.

Ground chicken recipes

Ground chicken healthy recipe
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