Grilled Chicken Recipes

Before going over grilled chicken recipes... Can you tell the difference between grilling and barbequeing?  Both techniques are considered to be the same thing but, in fact, they are not as close as they seem.

Grilling involves that the chicken is cooked on the rack almost in touch with the embers and flames at  very high temperatures (over 500ºF). The more external part of the meat is sealed with a golden coat and the cooking is very fast. Marinated chicken, chicken brochettes,chicken hamburgers and hot dogs are convenient for this method.

Barbequeing takes the grid to be placed farther from the embers and the cooking method means: temperatures below 250ºF, smoking and slow cooking. Whole chicken or boneless chicken are just some examples. Big size pieces in general.

Grilled Chicken Recipes 


Grilled bbq chicken brochettes

Brochettes is the French term for what we know as skewers.
This very simple dish admits all kinds of variations in all marinades, presentation, ingredients, sauces and spices.

Boneless Chicken Barbeque

A humble recipe to use when celebrating a barbeque party. The fact that the piece is boneless makes  it great to be eaten between two slices of french bread or on a plate at your choice.


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