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best chicken recipe
fried "al ajillo"

Experience how the humble garlic makes the magic

I'm in a hurry,  I need a fried chicken recipe...let me see...

I just came from the butchers with my chicken chopped in small pieces.

Yay! this is it!

Whenever I need a quick dish i go for a plain fried chicken .

I just need a pan and some oil. No added difficulty.

Have this in mind: you want to fry not to boil so keep the temperature high.

If you can afford it, it is a good idea to use olive oil. Olive oil  is good for people with cholesterol problems and prevents against them to those who don't have to deal with this disease.

What happens with oil is that when it reaches certain temperatures it becomes unhealthy. This does not happens with all kinds of oils. olive oil is the one that supports the highest temperatures staying healthy.

Not many people know this:

The better the oil, the higher temperatures it can stand before getting bad for your health

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