Easy Made Chicken Soup

Easy Made Chicken Soup Recipe

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1 brick of chicken broth

1 chicken breast chopped

1 egg

1 slice of ham

A pinch of salt

Optional (soup pasta)


To cook this easy made chicken soup, put the content of the brick in a pot.

Bring it to boil and add the pasta if you chose so. Set the temperature to medium-low.

  1. Drop the cut chicken breast in the pot
  2. Chop the slice of hamand add it to the soup
  3. The egg:
  • Now, you can decide to boil the egg in another pot in salty water. In this case, you will need ten minutes that start to count from the time the water starts to bubble. Then rinse the egg in cold water, remove the hard and cut it in cubes. Add it to the soup.
  • Or, you can break the egg and put it in a glass. Then break the yolk with a fork and add it to the soup while stirring.

The soup is done when the pasta is soft, or when the chicken is cooked. (about 7-10 minutes medium-low heat)

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