Easy dinner ideas

Easy dinner ideas

Find Easy dinner ideas working with chicken 

When you don't have the time, you don't have the skill or you just don't feel like cooking after a long day of work, this is what you do: Fast food. But, why should you keep yourself from eating right? 

It is possible to take all the nutrients you need without spending your entire afternoon cooking. Eating healthy and cooking fast, even for newbies is possible. Try them and tell us how much the little time you've spent was worth it.

Need really easy ideas for dinner ?

Chicken salad sandwich

"This is one of the most basic chicken salad sandwich recipe. It is the typical Mediterranean chicken salad with lettuce and tomato, without the onion though. We’ve also changed the olives for walnuts, which are great to low cholesterol levels and to protect your heart, as well as the olive oil.

Although for this easy chicken recipe we have used all new ingredients, these sandwiches are perfect for salad leftovers..."

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Chicken breasts au lait

"This is a healthy and convenient dish that you can use for dinner and admits several variations.

Milk is its main ingredient and it will provide you with calcium, but if you are allergic to it or your body can't tollerate lactose, you can substitute cow milk for soya milk.

For this really easy chicken recipe you will need very few ingredients and very little time..."

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Chicken breast au lait

Fried chicken al ajillo

Chicken fried "al ajillo"

"Extremely easy and tasty. This is the best chicken recipe for natural fried chicken and will become your family’s favorite and yours too for its simplicity.

The mediterranean way of sharing chicken..."

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