Easy chicken recipe:
Chicken Breast fillets au lait

For this really easy chicken recipe you will need very few ingredients and very little time.

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Preparation and cooking

Once the breasts are seasoned and the leek chopped...

Turn up the heat and ---- Stri-fry the leek

Add the breasts and stir-fry them for 30 seconds for each side

Add the mushrooms and stir a couple of times

Add the milk or cream and turn down the heat. Watch out and keep an eye on it, it can boil over!.

When it istarts boiling, separate it from the stove, cover it with a lid and wait a couple of minutes.

Then serve along with some chips, or salad and rice

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This is a healthy and convenient dish that you can use for dinner and it admits several variations if you need to substitute milk for any other liquid or add another ingredient like prosciutto flakes, or iberic ham flakes, for example. 

This is, although milk is its main ingredient and it will provide you with calcium, but if you are allergic to it or your body can't tollerate lactose, you can substitute cow milk for soya milk.

So, besides the milk, we will need a couple or three tender breast fillets for each person. You can buy the breasts an slice them at home or buy them already sliced. You could also use them whole but it takes a fine cooking skill to seal the external meat beforehand so it doesn't end up very dry. For this reason, my suggestion is that you use sliced breasts.

Finally, we want a leek and mushrooms.

We will cut the leek thick as a coin and it will be the first ingredient to use.

The mushrooms can be canned, if you want to go fast, or natural ones. You may want to slice them if the are too big.

I really enjoy using dry garlic salt and parsley for seasoning almost all my chicken recipes, because they leave a soft aftertaste, the kind you can't tell but somehow you notice. The one thing that makes you say: this is so tasty!. I recommend it but you are free to season them only with plain salt or to experiment with other herbs.

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