Chicken Stir fry
Recipe where east meets west
in a Wok

We will use it for our favorite chicken stir fry recipe, however, I want to give a little overview of this wonderful utensil

The name “WOK” means, simplifying, "cooking pot" in Chinese.  

Originally from the Chinese region of Guangdong it is very much used all along the South of Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and in India as well.  However, the word used to name this utensil varies among the countries and regions.  For instance, in Indonesia is known as wajan or  penggorengan. In India, they use two different kinds: one is the Chinese-Style and the other is the Indian-style wok which is deeper and has a smaller diameter. It is called karahi.

The shape and size of the pot and the way it makes the everyday ingredients look and taste different has make it very popular among us, occidental fellows.

They are made of carbon steel or cast-iron and some of them are manufactured with a slight skirt or flare to reserve aside some ingredients that need less time to cook but they remain heated. Whereas the ones in Asia have a round bottom to be able to reach more easily all the ingredients, the wok pans that have arrived to occident have the bottom flat. The reason is that, in order to cook with the round-bottomed one we need a special stove to fit the bottom in it. It results more proper but that wouldn’t work for most of our stoves.

Although the principal dish is named after the pan, that is WOK - I mean, everyone knows what I’m talking about when I say I’m going to cook a wok for tonight’s dinner – the pot can be used for many other techniques. So if you are planning on buying one, just letting you know that it is not going to be a waste of space or another useless gadget in your kitchen.

 With it you’ll be able to:

• Stir-frying. Cook with a very little amount of oil which is very convenient for your diet and health. It takes very little time but you’ll have to stir often until its all done. (chicken stir fry recipe)

• Steaming. Fill up the bottom of the pot with water and use a steaming basket.

• Boiling. As plain as it is. Since it is quite deep you can use it for boiling, making soups, noodles, rice…

• Braising, reducing liquids to make sauces.

• Deep-frying

Regular frying 


Stews  and more...

You will only need the special long handled spatula to make delicious dishes with this pan, but you can find some other gadgets to use with your wok like the steaming baskets, grids to lever up ingredients while maintaining them hot and a special lid for roasting among others.

It is a healthy, easy way to cook. Only consider that the ingredients will have to be quite chopped and diced beforehand. Moreover, it is not only going to be great on our chicken stir fry recipe but you’ll also get to cook very fine looking dishes when you experiment with it.

As we always recommend…have fun!

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