Chicken Noodles Recipe

Chicken Noodles Recipe

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1 package of udon noodles

1 celery leaf

1/2 small carrot

1/4 small green onion

Fresh soya sprouts

1 chicken thigh boneless

Teriyaki sauce

Chicken noodles recipe


To make this easy chicken noodles recipe:

First, boil the noodles following the intructions on the package lable.

Meanwhile, cut the celery leaf, the carrot and the green onion into really small pieces.

If your skills with the sharp cutting knife are far from good, you may consider using one of these machines with different blades to cut the vegetables. Or you can also buy the vegetables already cut that come in vacuum bags at the grocery store.

Then, cut the chicken in very small pieces.

Stir fry the vegetables and the chicken. Add the soya sprouts. Drop some teriyaki sauce over all.

Separate the pan or wok from the heat and add the boiled noodles and mix until all the sauce is on every noodle.

4 people
15 min.

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