Aunt Julienne's
Chicken Divan Recipe

 Chicken Divan

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6 slices of chicken breast

Grinded Parmesan or Manchego cheese

12 flowers of Broccoli

For the thick sauce:

½ cup of Cream

4 cups of milk

Dehydrated potato flakes (instead of all purpose flour) You can also boil 8 potatoes and make a purée with them, the cream and the milk as Julienne did.

 2 Tablespoons of butter

 Salt and pepper


1 medium size oven casserole

1 medium size deep boiling pot

1 wooden spoon for stirring


Chicken Divan



Boil the Broccoli for 3-4 minutes in a pot of salty water, drain, rinse and let it cool down. Chop it: in tiny little pieces like my aunt did for me or the size you prefer.

Season the chicken breasts with a pinch of salt and pepper

Preheat the oven 275ºF


The thick sauce:

You can choose between: going through the process of boiling potatoes and smash them later or using the 21st Century way of the dehydrated potato flakes. We’ll go for the last one.

In a pot, put the butter and the milk and season with a pinch of salt. Right when it stars to boil put it away from the heat. Be aware that if you leave the milk unattended it may end running over the pot and all over your stove. So stay tuned.

Once you have it away from the heat, drop the flakes little by little in the milk and keep stirring and adding flakes until it has the consistence of a thick purée, not as thick as the mashed potatoes because you will need to work with it.

Add the cream

Drop in ¼ of your parmesan cheese, the broccoli and mix it all. 

Now, bring the oven casserole and lay half the purée-mix in the bottom.

Display the chicken breasts over this first layer and drop the rest of the purée over them. Put more cheese on top and put the casserole in the oven for 15-20 minutes, then broil until the cheese turns into a golden brown color.


We like to use  arugula (rocket green leaves) as a side. It brings soft deccoration to the dish and combines just great with this chicken divan recipe.

Check chicken casserole recipes to find the original chicken divan or try again this original adaptation of the chicken divan recipe

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Aunt's chicken divan recipe is the result of a loving heart willing to take care of a little child. We'd like to share with you not only the recipe but the essence of the love and care she put in it.

I remember my 5th birthday. All my family and my parent’s friends were invited to the party. Two days before my aunt Julienne asked my grandmother if she could help organizing in any way.

 My grandmother, a witty woman, knew that my aunt Julienne had been working as a cook in a restaurant when she was young before she got married. Julienne was my grandmother’s sister. So my grandma said to her that it would be very useful to come up with a quick to prepare vegetable dish that could be somehow attractive to me. I hated vegetables so everyone in my house tried hard to disguise any green that could be in a dish.

Julienne put all her skills to work and realized that the only way to hide the green was to mix little tiny pieces of vegetables, broccoli in this case, and to hide it under some kind of sauce or thick purée. That could only be Chicken Divan.

 Although the original recipe has sherry, double cream and flour…

 This is how this dish was adapted for a little kid like me.

 I never hated vegetables again.

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