Chicken Club Wrap

Chicken Club Wrap Recipe

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4 wrapping tortilla bread

4 slices of ham

8 tablespoons of fresh creamy cheese

1/2 cup of dried onion

4 slices of fresh tomato

4 grilled chicken breast

Some Arugula leaves

Low-cal yogurt dressing sauce

Chicken Club Wrap


A complete meal wrapped up in a tortilla bread. Ham, chicken, fresh creamy cheese, rucula, dry onion, fresh tomatoe and low-cal yogurt sauce.

Open the tortilla breads and display them on the kitchen counter on a dish or similar.

To make the chicken club wrap, spread the creamy cheese all over the tortilla, just on one side.

Cut the tomatointo small cubes and sprinkle them over the cheese.

Lay the slice of ham and put some more cheese over it.

Now add the chicken breast and put some yogurt dressing on top.

Finish with the arugula leaves.

Making the roll:

Carefully start on one end, and roll the tortilla over the meat (like making a carpet roll).

How to roll the chicken wrap

Or make three imaginary vertical lines that divide the tortilla in three parts. Bend the right part over the center, bend the bottom over it and finally bend the left part over the previous ones. See img. below.

how to fold a chicken wrap
4 people
15 min.

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