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We use oven saucepans for the baking. Casserole is the french term for saucepan and the dishes we cook with these saucepans take the name after them. This special cooking pan is a deep dish used to bake food in the oven. Popular in Canada, It is also the quintessential of the Southern food in the United States.

Athough a traditional casserole is made of pieces of chicken and a starch carbohydrate bind like potatoes or any kind of flour, which will absorb the juices from the liquids and condensed soups of the marinated meat; we can't lose track of rice.

Rice is a good bet to strech food. With only a little amount of vegetables, chicken and rice, a crowd could be fed. As a matter of fact, the early ages casseroles, back to the Greek Empire, were just plain rice with chicken. The casseroles as we know them did not appear until the end of the 19th century.

Having said that, a good chicken lasagna with parmesano on top can be considered one of the family-favorite's because it combines the always-preferred italian cuisine with the convenience of oven cooking.

The South East of Louisiana apperad to be influeced by the spanish cuisine during the 18th century. 

For this reason, dishes like spanish paella evolved into traditional southern rice casserole, Jambalaya, which also has French influences aquired during th 19th century. A variation of this dish is the chicken rice cassserole.

They also make wonderful thanksgiving side dishes or thanksgiving recipes themselves.

However, casseroles seem to belong to an endless list!: Chicken noodle recipeKing ranch chicken casserole recipeChicken enchilada casserole recipeChicken DivanFlying Jacob, Patitsada, Chicken and dumplings recipeMacaroni and cheese with shredded chickenChicken cordon bleu recipe, Chicken florentine recipe...

Southern food? casseroles are one of the basics in southern food.

And what about the rest of the world casseroles? I'm thinking of a chicken and vegetables lasagna or macaroni. We offer a selection of the most popular ones.

Summarizing, we can prepare many different dishes but they all have in common pieces of chicken along with wine or some kind of condensed juice or soup, stock or liquid and an addition of flour or any other kind of carbohidrates like pasta or potatoes. The top of the cake is usually grilled melted cheese....One of our favourite comfort foods.

Imaginative southern food casserole variations

   Halloween Chicken Casserole

"After so much fun we are going to prepare this delicious casserole.

We took the pumpkin pulp and chunks and removed the seeds. With very simple ingredients we just hit the nail.

You can try it too! Just Follow this simple recipe

Halloween chicken casseroleTraditional Serving Chicken casserole
Halloween chicken casseroleInox ring chicken casserole serving
Halloween chicken casseroleCupcake chicken casserole serving

Chicken divan recipe,
Julienne's style

This is the easy version of the chicken divan. Cooking it this way will save you a lot of trouble and the results are fantastic!

See how

Chicken and Rice casserole

"Its simplicity is charming because it is so easy to cook, it is made with so natural ingredients and, moreover, you could feed a crowd..."

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