Chicken Caesar Salad

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Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe

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6 Oz. of romaine lettuce (or other kind of your choice, like fresh spinach)

2 Grilled chicken breasts

1 Cup (250ml) olive oil

2 yolks of raw egg

4 anchovies

1 lemon

1 garlic clove

½ teaspoon of mustard

1 teaspoon of vinegar

½ teaspoon of Worcestershire Sauce*

3 drops of Tabasco sauce

1 pinch of oregano

3.5 Oz. grated Parmesan Cheese

3.5 Oz croutons

For this Chicken Caesar Salad recipe you need:


1 salad bowl

Salad mixing server for mixing and serving the salad

1 wooden spoon

1 large dish

chicken caesar salad, an easy dinner idea


  • Rinse the lettuce thoroughly to avoid or get rid of any bacteria or bug in it. Do this every time you deal with raw vegetables.
  • Cut the lettuce into pieces. The purists recommend cutting them into big chunks or not cutting them at all, but I love it when you don’t have to use your knife to eat a salad. I think it is nicer to eat if you cut it into mouth-size pieces.

  • Deep fry the croutons
  • Dice the grilled chicken breasts (works wonders with chicken leftovers)
  • Cut the garlic clove into tiny pieces


  • Lay the lettuce on a large dish
  • Spread the chicken over it
  • Bath the lettuce and chicken with the Caesar Sauce
  • Place some croutons on top
  • Decorate with Parmesan Cheese flakes
4 people
15 min.
easy chicken recipeeasy

How to prepare
Caesar Sauce

  • Smash the anchovies in a bowl with a wooden spoon. It is better if the bowl is made of wood
  • Add: the garlic, the oregano, the lemon and the Tabasco sauce and keep working in the paste with the wooden spoon for a few seconds
  • Now it’s time for the vinegar the mustard and the Worcestershire Sauce. Stir for a little while.
  • The creamy texture is given by the eggs with the olive oil shaking it along with the yolks.
  • We add oil over the yolks in a thread while we keep stirring it all vigorously, almost like shaking it. This is called “emulsifying
  • Add part of the Parmesan and leave some for decoration

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The origin of this “Chicken Caesar Salad recipe” is attributed to Cesar Cardini. According to history, the Italian chef Cesar Cardini ran several restaurants in both Mexico and the USA back in the early years of the 20th century. It is said that Cardini invented this recipe by chance, a Fourth of July had his kitchen run out of supplies and he hat to make up a dish with whatever he had left in the kitchen. He came up with this recipe and named it “by the chef”. Also, the lettuce leaves were not meant to be chopped and they were supposed to be eaten with their fingers. The sauce did not have anchovies but the anchovy flavor was given by the Worcestershire sauce.

But this is only the origins. After that people felt that the recipe was incomplete. There was something missing here… Yes! The chicken!

Chicken was what it was left to become a masterpiece.


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