Caprese Chicken

Caprese Chicken Recipe

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For the caprese chicken:

4 chicken breasts. (Grilled)

1 cup of mozzarela cheese in cubes

1 tomato


Fresh is better but it is fine if you season the salad with dried basilicum.

Olive oil

Wholemeal crackers

Chicken Caprese


To make a caprese chicken salad we will use chicken breasts. However, we could very well use other parts of the chicken like thighs or legs. The only thing is to make fillets of the other parts. It is a good idea to season the chicken with salt and pepper.

Grill the chicken breasts using a grilling pan or similar. Cook it enough but not too much. If you do, the breasts will end up too dry.

A good thing is to substitute the breasts with thigh fillets, a lot mot moistured and tender. Grill it as well and sprinkle some dry garlic and parsley.

Set aside.

Take the tomato and cut it into slices or cubes as you prefer. If yoy make slices, you will need to bring fork and knife in case you take it to work or you want to eat outside. If you caut it in cubes, it will be ready to eat on the run.

Also, make cubes out of the mozzarela cheese and di spread it all over the tomato. Add the basilicum and season with some olive oil. Try not to add too much oil because the olive oil, in special if we talk about extra virgin olive oil, is quite strong.

Serve this dish along with some crackers or wholemeal bread. It goes well with some olives too.

4 people
15 min.

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