barbeque chicken recipe:
boneless barbeque chicken 

The boneless barbeque chicken recipe is a humble recipe to use when celebrating a barbeque party. The fact that it has no bones makes that it can be eaten between two slices of bread or over a plate at your choice. 

It is very convenient that you  buy the chicken already boneless if you don't have much practice with the knives. However, if you want to do it yourself, consider that It is not that difficult but requires some skill with the tools.

Barbeque chicken recipe

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1 boneless whole chicken (pick one of over 4,5 pounds with the bones)

Bbq sauce



small green peppers

potatoes cut for french fries


A grill

1 plain tray

Boneless barbeque chicken



Season the chicken with the salt and pepper all over.

Place the parts one by on over a tray and drop the bbq sauce.

Rub until all parts are coated with the sauce.


Put the chicken over the grill and make sure that the flame is not touching the meat. 

Leave it over the rack until is half done. 

Now place the peppers on one side of the grill. Those will take shorter to be ready so give them a look once in a while.

Keep turning the chicken until is done exactly the way you like it.


We have used some french fries and small green peppers from the north of Spain called "del padrón". Those are "surprise peppers" because, although all come from the same plant, some are hot and the others are not and you can't tell until its too late...

Some french fries and a bit of extra-bbq-sauce make the deal for this boneless barbeque chicken recipe.

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