Barbecue chicken recipes
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barbecue chicken recipes

boneless barbecue chicken

Barbecue chicken recipes are usually meant to be performed over a grill, outdoors, in the backyard or in the countryside.


A barbecue is a grill placed over charcoal or wood fire.

However, there is a difference between grilling and barbequeing. In fact, they end up to be just the opposite.

Grilling involves that the chicken is cooked on the rack almost in touch with the embers and flames at  very high temperatures (over 500ºF). The more external part of the meat is sealed with a golden coat and the cooking is very fast. Marinated chicken, chicken brochettes,chicken hamburgers and hot dogs are convenient for this method.

Barbequeing takes the grid to be placed farther from the embers and the cooking method means: temperatures below 250ºF, smoking and slow cooking. Whole chicken or boneless chicken are just some examples. Big size pieces in general.

Although these are the basics, we can see different ways depending on the country or region.

Generally speaking, this method is popular all aroudn the world:


In some areas of the United States, for example, it is a common practice to have a family event throwing a barbecue party or meeting friends around it with a bucket of beers. Don’t miss the 4rth o July too. As a matter of fact, there are a whole lot of new bbq devices, as fashionable as the different backyard designs there are.


In Brazil, barbecues are not exactly over a grill. The meat is pierced by a sword that they place over the charcoals until the meat is done. Then, they serve the meat on your dish directly from the sword. This Brazilian barbecue is called “rodizio”.


Argentina is a reference in barbecues. The only thing is that the meat they more commonly use is mainly veal, lamb or cow. The animal is set in a cross and the fire is on the floor over a circular stone. The cross is moved around the fire to cook the animal. But for our chicken it is used a regular grill. In Asturias, a northern region of Spain, this is the traditional way they still use to roast the lamb.


Also, restaurants use special ovens for barbecuing and grilling.

Finally, the world famous bbq sauce can bring to ones mouth the flavors of a summer barbecue when it is not possible to arrange one. It is also a good plus to our bbq chicken recipes.


If you are a barbecue lover, like me, and you think that it is a fun way to catch up with friends... do something different. Step out of the regular hamburger or rib barbecue and put some chicken in it. Try these bbq chicken recipes and you will never do without chicken again.

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