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Hi and welcome all,

First thing I would say about me is that the kitchen is my workshop when I work from home. It is not a job for me, it is a passion and most of all: it is art!  When I'm in the kitchen I feel like a painter or an scupltor, thinking, creating and putting everything of me in the creations.

However, I'm not the only one. Whenever I have the chance to talk about this, I can see how many people share my passion.

" Every single recipe, every single tip I test, write and upload,  I do it thinking of you ,reader. Whoever you are and wherever you are. I trully do. I always think of what can be more useful, enjoyable for you, and updated. I'd be great to have you back and checking what's been added new for you..."

Now you know why kitchen, but why chicken? They say: we are what we eat, and I believe it.

Chicken meat is the best choice:

  • Keeps your cholesterol down
  • it is also fat-free
  • it can be cooked in one thousand ways
  • Easy to find all over the world
  • It is usually quite inexpensive
  • It is the only meat semi-vegetarians allow themselves to eat
  • It is very digestive
  • Good for all ages
  • It is a great material for creations.  It is what is called cook friendly. The recipes can vary from very very easy, for newbies to quite fancy ones for experts.

...I could go on forever.

But, having said that, the most important answer to those 'why' is mainly attached to sentimental reasons.

Magically real...

Here is grandma

I was born in Madrid, Spain, and during my early years I was rised by my dearest grandmother. I really loved her. She was a caring, tender mother to me.

One day, while tidying up the shelves, I found the old cook book from the19th Century that my granmother left me when she passed away, and that had belonged to her mother as well. EL MANUAL DE LOS COCINEROS  (THE COOKS MANUAL).

I hadn't have the nerve to look at it since she died. But something inside of me was telling me to open it. The book also had all kinds of details on cooking and serving techniques, many of them already lost in time, and lots of yummy chicken recipes.

The pages were quite damaged but there was something writen on the first page:" To my dearest grand-daughter. Let the light of my love guide you when you find yourself in the dark. Use this book wisely.I felt I had to do something good out of it.

So was this fate? Maybe it was because I've been devoted to this site ever since.

Chicken Recipes Temple is continuosly growing and being updated.

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