Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner can be filled with chicken recipes, casseroles in special, are meant to be a complement to the fabulous custom of gathering around a table full of goodies. With this act we thank everyone and everthing that has had anything to do with our happines in life.

When we think of this celebration we can almost taste the turkey, but this is not the only dish we can have on the table. Just think of how many combinations we can create for side dishes.

Basically, we use casseroles for this purpose.

Green bean casserole

; this delicious casserole made of green beans and french fried onion rings is a great Thanksgiving side dish along with our turkey portion. The creamy texture works wonders with the slight dryness of the turkey meat. The cream is made with milk and chicken broth, which adds the combining flavors to it to make the perfect marriage.

Also, the healthy and delicious broccoli and cheese casserole is a great bet itself, but it can be even better to add some chicken to it and, along with a white sauce and some more cheese, we can create a chicken divan recipe.

If you are a pasta lover, maybe you should go and try the chicken noodle casserole or the chicken pasta casserole recipe explained in our brother site

What can we do with the leftover stuffing we bought for the main course? The chicken and stuffing casserole is the answer. This is such an appealing and tasty casserole that, since the first time I made it I always buy extra stuffing mix to make sure I have a good ammount to season my chicken too. It is also good for those of you tired of turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

Finally, what if we put some rice to it? Well, this makes an excelent way for comforting hungry stomachs and, sometimes, lonely feelings. Cheese makes the top and oven makes the magic. Chicken rice casserole is easy to cook, even if you have zero experience, just follow the directions on the recipe and it'll become one of your favorites.

This time of year is great to turn on the oven, to cook all the comfort dishes we try to avoid during the summer. The turkey is ready and so the are the chicken casseroles.

Dig in and Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Dinner Chicken Casseroles

Chicken and stuffing casserole


Green bean chicken broth casserole

Green bean casserole with chicken broth