Wild Rice Chicken Salad

Wild Rice Chicken Salad

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1 package of wild rice to boil at home

or microwave-ready wild rice

4 chicken breasts

4 differet types of lettuce (iceberg, butterhead, leaf, and romaine) Maybe mesclum or oak leaf lettuce...

Cheddar cheese

Modena Vinegar

Raspberry vinegar

Sunflower or olive oil

Wild Rice Chicken Salad


The wild rice chicken salad is made with a mix of lettuces. But the truth is that there are a lot of types of lettuce you can use. Go beyond your basics and explore the combinations.

For this recipe, we have used iceberg, butterhead, leaf, and romaine but you could add manu others: arugula, oak leaf lettuce, mesclum, little gems, mizuna, labs' lettuce, watercress...

Also, in the supermarket, they sell vacuum bags filled with a ready-to-eat mix of lettuces very convenient for this recipe and others

First thing to do is to boil the rice and set aside.

Cut the chicken into stripes, season it with salt and pepper and stir-fry it in a saucepan or wok.

Meanwhile, rinse and dry the lettuce and put it in a large bowl.

Introduce the chicken and the cheddar cheese.

In a glass mix 2 spoons of Modena vinegar with 2 spoons of raspberry vinegar and 2 spoons of olive or sanflower oil.

Drop the seasoning mix we just made over the lettuce and mix

Finally, add the rice and mix.

4 people
15 min.

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